4th Annual L.A. River Ride

Props to The Cycling Dude for pointing to the upcoming Los Angeles River Ride. “On May 23, 2004 folks here in Southern California can participate in an event to put a spotlight on the Los Angeles River Bike Trail, from Griffith Park, in Los Angeles, to Long Beach (with necessary detours where no path exists).”

More info available from the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition. “The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is working to ensure the completion of the entire LA River Bikeway – from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. The proceeds from this ride will enable the Coalition to continue its river advocacy work.”

One thought on “4th Annual L.A. River Ride”

  1. Thanks for the mention! :-)

    While I no longer live in LA COUNTY I do plan on venturing back in on occasion and writing about my excursions for both my blogs. :-)

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