Fred Durst Blogging

Looks like Fred Durst is writing a blog to 1. Try to make you think he’s not an idiot, like anyone reading that will believe he’s ever even heard a My Bloody Valentine song, and 2. To post naked pictures of his son. I guess I should thank LA Blogs for the link, although I’m not really too psyched I clicked it.

4 thoughts on “Fred Durst Blogging”

  1. Hasn’t he been doing this for awhile? Maybe not on Xanga, but I know he was keeping a journal somewhere (probably the Limp Bizkit site) a long time ago. Different bits and pieces would pop up in the news and stuff. He was definitely writing in it during the Britney fiasco.

  2. yeah, he had a journal or something on the site, but this is SO OBVIOUSLY a “look at me, I’m cool too” ploy. Did you notice the band shirts he’s wearing in the pics? PUH-leeeze. He’s wearing a Sonic Youth one, and there’s another pic floating around with him in a Smiths shirt. To which Buddyhead ( ) says:

    “In another attempt to trick the public into thinking he has good taste, Fatty has been seen sporting t-shirts by real bands. Like this one of him in a Smiths shirt. Hey fatass, werenít you like all about the nookie and into breaking stuff like a year ago? Weíre not buying this shit.”

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