when you sleep with someone…

you sleep with everyone else they’ve ever slept with.

As Sean noted, a 3rd porn star in LA has tested positive for HIV.

What’s alarming is the last sentence in this news article:

“…the health department was to use the information to interview the performers and determine whether they may have passed on HIV to people outside the porn business. “

It’s not that hard to imagine how this could cause a huge problem in the mainstream population.

You are in a “monogamous” relationship. Unbeknownst to you, your partner cheats.

Perhaps not directly with a porn star, but imagine the person they cheated with has had some ummmm, interesting anonymous encounters. And porn stars get tested all the time, so it must be safe, right?

The ACLU is upset about the county Department of Health Services obtaining health records.

This girl isn’t.

13 thoughts on “when you sleep with someone…”

  1. Cheating is a big problem, and many “innocent” partners in cheating couples get diseases this way – but I’d have to think the porn industry, because of their testing (and the work stoppages they do when a problem comes up), is safer than the population at large. AIDS is everywhere. I’m the rates of the disease in the population is much higher in active high school and college students (because they rarely test) than in the porn industry.

  2. > I’d have to think the porn industry, because of their testing (and the work stoppages they
    >do when a problem comes up), is safer than the population at large.

    It is. Their infection rate has already been shown to be lower than that of the general population.

    Sorry Moxie, but I do think it’s hard to imagine this causing a huge problem in the mainstream population. In fact, if you partner decides to cheat you’re much better off having him cheat with a porn star than some other stranger. Why don’t you ask your friends when the last time they all had HIV tests was? I’m willing to bet that it was hell of alot longer than 30 days ago.

    If it were a couple of friends of yours that were diagnosed HIV positive and the state declared it an “Outbreak” and demanded copies of medical records frome everyone that they slept with, including you, I’m sure that you’d be a little more up in arms about it.

    If everyone wants to get worked up about something related to HIV, why don’t we concentrate on the fact that it’s a major and terrifying health crisis among African Americans?


  3. Ah, 5000’s comment was right on target. Moxie, you sound if you are are afraid of sex…period. A pity, cause you dig. photo was kind of cute.


  4. Ah, nice of “Rance” to visit. He sure puts the ass in assumptive, doesn’t he folks? Pity he couldn’t review for errors before posting stabs at Moxie’s attitude toward sex.

  5. Depending on who “Rance” really is, this could be a banner day in the world of blogging.la. Or not.

    I actually kind of like that MT doesn’t have a spell check option, keeps people honest.

    Meanwhile, back to the post. Go Moxie! Go 5000!

  6. Sean…so you’re pretty safe cuz when you had that affair, she was a porn star right? Oops, caryn doesn’t read this does she?

  7. >Bill – Who’s to say what makes a porn “star” really?
    >5 Movies? 20 Movies? Are Girls Gone Wild porn stars?

    I wish that the mainstream movie industry would make you a “Star” after only one movie. Then we could all make an amateur short on a cheap digital camera and call ourselves Movie Stars! I demand $20 million a picture!

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