My head hurts more than Jack's nose!

So we went to the Cinespia showing last night of Chinatown and it was a blast. I’ll post a photo or two in a bit once my head stops throbbing. The sound system sucks if you are outside the boundaries of the speakers. The show was utterly PACKED! We couldn’t believe it. So get there early for optimum seating. They announced they’re doing it every other week for the next 7 months! Man what a cash cow. I wish I thought of it…

3 thoughts on “My head hurts more than Jack's nose!”

  1. No kidding! I was way surprised by the turnout. T’was HUGE! Got there at 7 p.m. and it was already loaded up. Excellent time had, but couple things I learned:

    1) Sit to the left of the projection table to minimize being crossed in front of by the fucking Legion of Those With Wee Bladders.

    2)There’s not just a smoking-allowed policy there’s an All Smoking All The Time policy.

    3) A post-show flashlight can help spot the corpse arms reaching up to drag you to the depths of hell as you make your way across the graves back to your ride.

    4) Dress in layers. Such places of eternal rest are nugg-shriveling cold after night fall.

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