Back On The Air America

Follow up to Robert’s earlier post: Yahoo is reporting that Air America will be back on the air in LA and Chicago shortly:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York judge ordered the owner of two radio stations on Thursday to put the 2-week-old, liberal radio network known as Air America back on the air.

MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting Inc, which owns radio stations in Chicago and Los Angeles, pulled the plug on Air America on Wednesday. MultiCultural’s owner, Arthur Liu, told the Chicago Tribune the radio network “bounced a check” and was in default.

Air America, which leases radio stations in 16 cities, filed a complaint in New York State Supreme Court demanding it be restored to the air and compensated.

Judge Marilyn Diamond issued a temporary restraining order on the condition that Air America post a $156,000 bond. The judge will hold a hearing on the dispute on Monday.

“We won the first round. We’ll be back on the air sometime before the end of the day on Friday,” Air America Chairman Evan Cohen said.