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slwine.jpg I am not much of a wine aficionado, and when I do pick some up, I’m more likely to go someplace like Topline Wine & Spirits in Glendale because anything you buy in a warehouse has gotta be great (and the Lord de Pastry next door does the best coconut cookies).

The Man and I played yuppies this afternoon and went to a wine tasting at Silverlake Wine. Today’s feature was Pinot Noir. They poured four wines with hors d’oeuvres by Dan Matern, Chef d’Cuisine at A.O.C. which were minimalist and absolutely dreamy. The tasting was hosted by one of the co-owners, Randy. His style was more of a “hip-hop/taste the flava” sort of thing than the formalized tastings that I’ve endured on trips to Napa. Their attitude is a wine is good if you like it. My favorite was the Sokol Blosser 2000 Pinot Noir. The general ambiance of the store is all stripped down hard surface and practicality, but the personalities are warm and friendly.

I’m curious to check out their Blue Mondays where they serve wine by the glass and cheeses from the Cheese Store of Silverlake from 4 to closing.

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  1. One hors d’oeuvre per wine (and we’re probably only supposed to have one of each, but I had two of a couple and none of another … so it evened out)

    First was a fava bean puree with herbs topped with black olives and regianno parmesean on toast

    Next was a puff pastry with salt cod topped with capers and roasted red peppers

    Third was a lamb sausage with a beluga lentil and red onion salad.

    As a finish there were tiny Valharona chocolate truffles.

    The price was $20, which I think is a smidge steep since you’re not getting full glasses of wine, just about a quarter of a glass per. But then again, you’re getting a good sampling of stuff and the foods really did complement the wines well.

    What I’d like to see them do is have a few cafe tables and stools or other places to perch during the tasting. As it is now, you just mill about the store while you drink your samples after they’ve done their little talk about each wine. I’d also like a little water. I was surpised that they didn’t have some there for between the wines.

  2. Thanks, it sounds great. I have been considering coming down off the hill and trying a session, but had not yet. The A.O.C. finger food component sounds awesome too.
    I think they sell Lurisia, which would be easy enough to pop open btw. courses.
    Little stools would be sweet in there.
    Did you buy any of the wine or wish now you had?

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