Pepsi iTunes Bottles Finally Hit L.A.


L.A. readers over at Macintouch are reporting that bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Sierra Mist that are part of the Pepsi iTunes Music Giveaway have *finally* been spotted.

The delay was apparently due to the fact that there was an ongoing Lakers promotion that had to get cleared out first.

And while you also can try 7-Eleven’s Big Gulps or Slurpees, don’t forget that if you go for the bottles, you can cheat to win. :)

(UPDATE: According to another Macintouch reader, “…the iTunes/Pepsi promo ends today – 3/31/04… Yes, you have until the end of April to choose which songs you’ll buy, but your last day to claim your free songs is Wednesday the 31st.”)

4 thoughts on “Pepsi iTunes Bottles Finally Hit L.A.”

  1. I can vouch for their arrival in L.A., and by luck ó not using the offered cheat ó three of the last four Diet Pepsis have been winners. Bring on Franz Ferdinand, iTunes and be quick about it!

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