Dolled Up

matrushka.jpg Until recently, I almost exclusively wore vintage clothing and shunned anything contemporary. What changed all this? Matrushka Construction. I’m not exaggerating — Matrushka is that inspiring. The boutique, next to Millie’s on Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake (and dangerously just a few blocks from my apartment), is run by Beth Ann Whittaker and Laura S. Howe. The shop actually started out carrying a mix of unique designs and vintage items (hence my initial interest), but in the past year or so has blossomed into a really innovative space. The women whip up one-of-a-kind designs on their sewing machine in back, and hang them up for sale amongst bookshelves and anti-Bush slogans. They also sell some items from other designers. From feminine dresses to bold avant-garde constructions, they have a knack for using eye-catching fabrics. And since the designing and selling process is so organic, if you don’t find something you like on one day, there may be several new items that capture your fancy the next.

What’s more, according to its mission statement, “Matrushka is not just a clothing store. Utilizing the space and platform available, Matrushka curates art exhibits and also is a small bookstore. Feeling that it is important not only to look smart but to also have distinct views both politically and culturally, Matrushka hopes to create an evironment where ideas and inpiration can converge.” I think the shop truly embodies the best aspects of the Silver Lake community, and I love being able to support these women’s efforts!

On a related note, Matrushka will be at the Spring Designer Showcase and Sample Sale this Sunday. The announcement promises “Drinks, DJ and 15 fabulous designers – plus 15% of proceeds go to LAMP. Including: Alicia Lawhon, Fig, Desanka, Alice Park, Mass Distraction, candypants, Alana May, Tiffany Alana, T.Flynn Designs, D. Rubi, Arktos Office, October Ai, Sam Flores, Matrushka Construction. For more information contact [email protected]

Spring Designer Showcase and Sample Sale
@ 837 Traction Ave. #201 (buzz 026 for entry), Downtown
Sunday, March 28, 3-8 pm

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