3 days until the Official start of Spring

Equinox, shmequinox. Spring starts on baseball’s opening day. Which is three days from now if you’re a fan of the Evil Empire. And a week later for the rest.

Dodger Stadium, while now one of the older parks in the league, is still a great place to see a game. There’s a new regime and a giant payroll in Disneyland. And down in SD, they have a brand new park by the beach.

My beloved Quixotes will be in town at the end of April, and I’m going to try to make as many of those games as I can. But I’ll be ready for peanuts and crackerjacks throughout the whole season. So, who’s up for some field trips?

6 thoughts on “3 days until the Official start of Spring”

  1. Anaheim puts on a damn fine fireworks display too, although the “fireworks after every home run” gimmick is very cheesy, especially during day games!

  2. Opening day of the baseball season is like the moment in the movie theater when the lights go off, the screen lights up with the opening credits and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It could be the greatest movie you’ve ever seen but more than likely there will be some disappointment.

    Yep, just like opening day.

    GO METS!

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