Fuck the Summit

To the Summit Management:

I could forgive the fact that I was getting charged for a refrigerator that I was no longer renting, but only because your most adept staff member, Jennifer, caught the oversight quickly.

I could excuse you for requiring me to call the front office several times to inquire as to the status of a simple maintenance request (the first request was lost, but only discovered three calls later). It seemed I had to catch someone at the right time, when the stars were in perfect alignment, before the kitchen drawer was eventually fixed. A feat that took no less than fifteen minutes to complete.

But at 9:30PM, as my roommate and I drove up to the front gate with white card in hand, we were greeted with a lengthy line of cars. Looking to our right, it seemed that three cones were erect, but a middle one was missing. We (incorrectly) assumed that it was not a complete cone formation, and continued to drive to the pass feeder.

Your rent-a-cop decided to assert his authority and tell us that we couldn’t do that. Unless I missed the memo, I was under the belief that it wasn’t until 11PM when front access was coned off. I was told that you (the folks who are “running” this place) changed the policy to 9PM on weekends. We were berated in front of a line of (undoubtedly) confused and frustrated visitors and fellow residents. I know not to drive through a straight line of cones, but the missing one was laying directly in front of the gate – which the security guard had not returned from the previous time another confused resident tried to enter!

I can only describe these issues with a single word: ASININE.

I can understand that I’m not the only resident here, but tonight’s front gate shenanigan’s took the cake. For what I’m paying you every month, you shouldn’t be treating me the way you have been lately. I’m on a month-to-month lease at the present time, but have already begun to seek better, smarter, far more affordable and convenient housing.

Someone’s asleep at the wheel; wake up before your reputation is blown to pieces. Internet reviews aren’t taking too kindly to the way you’ve been doing business lately.

Yours Monthly,

Chris Pirillo

PS: I’m actively searching for a new living space. Leads are appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Fuck the Summit”

  1. Oh boy have you brought back the memories! Way back in another life during my daze as a student at Pierce College, I was one of those inept rent-a-cops stationed at the Summit Gate on several occasions — most notably a double shift one hot summer Saturday night/Sunday morning. That Summit is one crazy place. Cops were called twice. Paramedics once, cars stacked up full of people trying to get inside, and then there was the sexy sounding party-throwing resident babe who kept on calling me up in the guard shack and encouraging me to go AWOL and come up to her place and party with her and her roommates. Alas, I was a dedicated Burns Security Officer (cough) and avoided the sweet temptation. Truth is at that point in time Halle Berry couldn’t have seduced me away from the $6.50 an hour I was making — I needed the green, however measly the amount.

  2. Now that we’re moving, you guys have to move too? I see how this works!

    I think we’ll hold on to our boxes when we’re done moving because you guys might need them next!

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