Art-filled Weekend

Wow kids, it’s another super busy art weekend this weekend. I’m posting all about it (steadily) on abLA. Here’s a sneak peak…Gillian Wearing @ Regen, Neil Farber @ Richard Heller, Streetwise @ the Lab, a LACMA muse event, and an opening at the fabulous Kontainer Gallery. Go quickly to check this stuff out so I don’t hear the “damn, I missed it” complaints!

3 thoughts on “Art-filled Weekend”

  1. While we’re airing our dirty laundry, I’d like to say that I strongly dislike the work of Laura Owens. Please don’t laugh me out of town, L.A. Art Intelligentia.

  2. Gillian Wearing I understand but you crazy 5000! for not liking Laura Owens. Just kidding…or am I? I love Laura’s work but can understand why it’s not for some people. No laughing you out of town necessary!

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