Save ‘Angel’ Rally

(Backstory: The television series “Angel” is currently in its fifth season on The WB and hasn’t been picked up for the next season, so many of its fans have been organizing campaigns to get it renewed at The WB or have it picked up on another network.)

Just saw that another Save “Angel” Rally is being planned for next Wednesday, the 31st, at 3:00 PM-7:00 PM over at The WB Ranch in Burbank. The first one that was held earlier this month drew a whopping 17 fans, but it was blamed on the fact that the gathering point was changed that day. Plus it doesn’t make much sense to stage a rally at the Warner Brothers studios when it should’ve been held at the offices of The WB to begin with.

Personally, I think trying to save “Angel” is a lost cause due to how expensive it is to produce (and it doesn’t help that its producers have expressed doubts that the series will get picked up anywhere), but its fans have nevertheless been donating tens of thousands of dollars to try and save the series, so I’ve at least got to give them major props for trying.