A new site called has just gone live. It’s focusing on things going on downtown and doesn’t seem to have a lot of content on it yet. It does have a SUPER annoying pop-up Windows Media file, so watch out. Otherwise, might be something to add to your “Los Angeles” bookmarks, or might not.

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  1. Speaking of cultural events in LA (though not in Downtown per se), there’s a “Diane Arbus Revelations” exhibition going on until 05/31 at LACMA.

    With nearly 200 of her most significant photographs, it is the most complete presentation of her work ever assembled and includes shots that have never been shownh publicly.

    If you’re a fan of photography or the human condition, this is the show to check out.

    Plus, it’s more than just her photos — the display of contact sheets, cameras, letters, notebooks, and other writings, as well as books from Arbus’s personal library help to expose herworking method and intellectual influences.

    Her “contemporary anthropology”-portraits of couples, children, carnival performers, nudists, middle-class families, transvestites, people on the street, zealots, eccentrics, and celebrities-stands an exploration of the relationship between appearance and identity, illusion and belief, theater and reality – perfect fodder for those of us in LA-LA land.

    For details on hours/tickets or more Arbus info visit

    Also, note there are 2 other photo exhibitions going on, one at MOCA and one at the Armand Hammer.

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