every now and then, i turn it on again

You know, no matter how hard I try, I can’t hate Indie103.1.

I really want to, because I hate Clear Channel so much, but I think their playlist is the best thing to be on LA radio in a decade.

Here are four things I’d do to make it a better station, if I were King of the Universe:

  1. Get rid of that fucking stoner guy who does the station IDs. Whenever I hear his voice, I want to punch him in the larynx, and stomp on his guts. Besides, isn’t he too busy eating Carl’s Junior to be bothered?
  2. The live Internet feed is awesome. Mirror it on Shoutcast, so we XMMS weenies can enjoy it.
  3. Send strippers and scotch to Wil Wheaton once a week.
  4. Boost the broadcast signal, so people in Pasadena can listen without so much goddamn static.

Don’t get me wrong. $corporate.stuff still sucks more often than not, but every now and then, something corporate comes along (like those soymilk gingerbread lattes at Starbucks) and is not all that bad after all.

But seriously, Indie 103.1, take one of your spiffy stickers, wait until your Station ID guy takes a big bite of his Western Bacon Cheeseburger, and slap it across his stupid mouth. You’ll be doing us all a favor.

12 thoughts on “every now and then, i turn it on again”

  1. I concur with your assessment. Less of the station ID man, more signal for people that live on the eassside. I would just replace the “Wil Wheaton” with “Kat” in item #3. Unless you wanna share, of course.

  2. I’m also going to suggest a little less Bob Marley, a lot less of that song where the girl is leaving everything behind, and a whole lot more Joy Division. Oh, and a little hip hop couldn’t hurt either. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  3. This station was overdue about 10 years ago.

    KROQ has devolved into a parody of itself, to the point where the only thing worth hearing is Ralph’s Sex U, and Jason Bentley up in the nosebleed hours, and the rest of the time is filled with pathetic white rap metal.

    That said, I will personally feed Wil the grenades for a relentless salvo from the RPG rifle pointed directly at the “cool announcer’s” huevos. That hideous, jokey voice is the only thing that scares me about the station – it’s the menace of the Clear Channel slickness to come once they line up all their sponsors. I doubt we’ll be hearing Yeah Yeah Yeahs followed by Tom Waits and then the Cure and Outkast for very long.

  4. No no no no no no NO!

    Think of it this way: who would you rather be? Obi Wan or Anakin? I know it’s hard, but you HAVE to resist. I used to live in a market that Clear Channel came into and decimated and I’m telling you YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO GAIN ANY MORE OF A GRIP ON L.A. RADIO THAN THEY HAVE RIGHT NOW. In fact, you should all be up in arms about the loophole-wrangling and technicality-milking that CC is pulling in order to even get Indie 103 on the air. And don’t forget, CC is NOT just radio. It’s also got a stranglehold on national concert promotion and outdoor advertising.

    Alternately, you can all continue to support CC and that way the rest of us will know who to blame when all radio stations are programmed out of one central processing center in Baton Rouge, LA and “DJ” is term referring to software and not people.

  5. There is one shining bright spot in KROQ you all should not miss.

    Friday nights at 10PM is Mixmaster Mike’s Spin Psycle.

    This hour of radio is amazing as the DJ for the Beastie Boys spins everything from NWA to AC/DC to The Strokes.

    For those of us that are nightclub-challenged, it’s fantastic. Personally, I record the show and burn it to CDs.

  6. Mack– Thanks to Janet Jackson’s boobie, Viacom has launched a “zero tolerance” edict on anything that might be even remotely “offensive” in nature. So KROQ has eliminated Ralph’s “Sex U.”

  7. Other than the Clear Channel thing, the only thing I hate about 103.1 is they never ever tell you what they’re playing. Is title and artist info too much to ask, especially when you’re playing some relatively obscure stuff people might not come across elsewhere?

  8. Without Indie 103.1, some guys (and gals) would starve.
    As we all know, Indie is mostly run DJless and therefore the song IDs aren’t always there. However, they do many ‘listener’ song IDs & intros (brilliant) as well as show you the name and artist of each song played on their live webstream. If you want a recap of what’s played on Indie, the ENTIRE playlist is here: http://www.geocities.com/flashbackcenter
    If you want to check each song played in the last 24hrs., scroll down to the bottom of that page. Enjoy!

  9. I have really enjoyed listening to Indie 103. I agree w/ everyone that the stoney, Carl’s Jr. munching announcer has to go. Some more DJs would be nice. I have been listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox Tues-Fri 12pm-1pm. Since Steve Jones is not some lame-corporate DJ, he comes across as very down-to-earth. He has played everthing from Oasis to T-Rex. I hope this station gives KROQ a run for its money. Even if it’s part of Clear Channel, at least Indie cares about the music and are not subjecting me to more Linkin Park. I also enjoy this music when I DJ, and it is refreshing to hear it finally getting some respect.

  10. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. I thought I found something like the K-ROQ that I loved so much like almost 20 years ago. I learned my leason and knew it was doomed, but now I have to have guilt every time I listen (thanks fuking Clear Channel). What to do? I may have to go satellite…

  11. Wil,

    A little bit of a “good thing” regarding Indie 103.1: It’s not owned by Clear Channel, it’s owned by Entravision. It’s not exactly non-corporate (they’re one of the largest Spanish-language broadcasters in the country).

    Overall, it’s an awesome station. Great playlist, and they seem to have gotten themselves out of the habit of playing their “different” music over and over a la Top40 stations. Their DJed shows are even better, and play an even more interesting mix. Hopefully it’ll stick around and not start sucking.

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