It’s getting hot in here

My old buddies at the Associated Press are reporting that the glare coming of the new Disney Concert Hall is cooking the neighbors. Some people are complaining of temperature increases of up to 15 degrees. It looks like the problem is that on some places, a super reflective polished metal was used rather than the duller, brushed steel that is used on most of the building. This kinds turns the building into an oven.

Before concert hall officials recently ordered a temporary fix, reflections from Frank Gehry’s $274 million architectural landmark, which opened in October, hit Jaqueline Lagrone just as she arrived home for lunch.

“You couldn’t even see and then the furniture would get really hot,” said Lagrone, 42, whose unit faces the new hall. “You would have to literally close the drapes and you’d still feel warmth in the house. You would have the air conditioning on all the time.”

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