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Every geek in LA must start using Courier & Chives! We had the guide dropped onto our doorstep last week and finally decided to give them a go ten minutes ago. In a word: AMAZING! “Whatever” you wanna eat, you can order it online and have it delivered to your house in about an hour (or at a future time). Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, American, Japanese, etc. Site navigation was simple, the process was straightforward, and taste selection was most impressive. Oh, man… this is just too cool for words. And here’s another money-saving secret: remember to apply the ‘free delivery’ coupon before finalizing your order. Minutes later, you’ll receive a verification phone call from the order-taking center – fast, fast, fast. I’ve never seen or used a service like this, but I already can’t wait to do it again! Why can’t more businesses be THIS Internet-friendly?! What else have I been missing out on?!

4 thoughts on “My New Favorite LA Web Site”

  1. Just about every major pizza chain has online ordering. We’ve tried Pizza Hut and Papa John’s in the past with great success, and they sometimes run internet only specials too! Not quite the quality of food you get from C&C, but if cheap and fast are the order of the day…

  2. Well, this sounds great and I checked it out immediately but for some reason we live in an in-between zone. I live in 90026 (which is Silverlake…I can see Silverlake junction from my house) but they classify it as downtown. Can’t imagine anyone from 800 S. Grand delivering me food. So, I tried the Silverlake/Los Feliz one and the places are in Glendale or Pasadena and I can’t imagine them delivering food to me either. Please tell me I’m being neurotic and of course they will! I miss having good food delivered to me!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Chris. But I wanted to poin out that this is really only for the valley and hills-adjacent Hollywood (and not even really that because there’s only ONE restaurant in 90028). And, strangely, downtown. I’m getting the feeling that it’s aimed at corporate clients.

    Anyway, for Hollywood, BH, West LA, Culver City, etc., check out L.A. Bite ( They don’t seem to go very far east, but they get a huge swath of what Courrier and Chives misses and the restaurants that they can deliver are A#1.

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