Destination LA

You better watch out. You better not not cry. You better not pout – I’m telling you why. Chris Pirillo’s parents are comin’ to town! Jay Leno tickets? Comedy Shop in Redondo Beach? Rent a GoldWing or borrow one? Travel down the PCH? Visit a Route 66 shop? Go to Disneyland? Watch TV? Eat? Your recommendations for these two Iowans?

5 thoughts on “Destination LA”

  1. If you have spare California Adventure tickets laying around (and who doesn’t?), use ’em. Iowans will be impressed, as it is probably at least equivalent if not better than what they’re used to entertainment-wise, and you get rid of the millstone-around-neck-like tickets! Everybody wins! ;)

  2. How long are they in town? A side-trip to San Diego for the Zoo and Sea World might be a couple of days well-spent.

    I know Staci and I like to get away and go there as often as possible!

  3. My plan for my mom’s visit in April: Gladstone’s on PCH followed by a drive down the coast, the Huntington Gardens, dinner in the restaurant at the top of the Bonaventure, an obligatory trip to Hollywood so she can become disillusioned with the “glamorous Hollywood image”, and the Brewery Artwalk.

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