I’ve been noticing that eating has changed. I went to lunch today, and these two fat woman ordered chicken salads. Between talking about how their company was recently purchased and subsequently lowered all salaries, they were talking about going on Atkins. They were excited, but somewhat worried because one of them “heard it can cause heart problems.” I was thinking the extra 100 pounds she was carrying should be a bigger worry for her, but whatever. Then the other woman dropped all kinds of science and they were on their way. I don’t know, I guess my point is that science always wins and people are annoying.

2 thoughts on “Carbs”

  1. Geez Morgen, why so down on fat people…they have feelings too. I mean christ, what if you were some 300 pound housewife who was about to go on the Adkins diet? You’d be scared too…don’t you lie!

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