It’s Official! – Traffic Sucks!

“In the list of the nation’s 24 worst bottlenecks, the Los Angeles area claimed five spots. No. 1 was the Ventura Freeway at Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, where commuters can face five hours of traffic jams daily.”

That from a USA Today story about a recent detailing the worst traffic in the country. I’d like to meet the dude who sits in five hours of traffic a day. I bet that’s a fun guy to hang out with.

4 thoughts on “It’s Official! – Traffic Sucks!”

  1. I don’t know, Sean, between this story, your desire to find out about shooting ranges, and your recent disgruntledness about the fast food industry’s marketing departments… well, you aren’t planning on a kill-crazy rampage in the middle of traffic a la Michael Douglas in Falling Down, are you? ;)

  2. uuuhhhhhhhh…YIKES.
    um, sean, theres no shooting range anywhere near FACTORY PLACE. uh yeah, it’s actually on the west side. yeah thats it, the west side. third street promenade.
    we’ll see ya there.

  3. Nice. The #4 spot in L.A. is one I drive every single day – the 10 at the 5 interchange. No wonder I’m such a grumpy bastard.

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