Mysterious celebrity-themed posters plaster LA streets

Click thumbnail for full size image. A mysterious epidemic of posters is reported in LA this week. They’re Robbie Conal-esque, and we know they’re some sort of sneaky underground campaign for some Hot New Thing Which Shall Be Revealed Shortly, and that posters sending up Wynona, Courtney, and Moby are also in the works, but we’re told we’ll be sent on a one-way ride to Naked Scientology Boot Camp for extensive botox torture if we reveal their true origin and purpose. (Thanks, Susannah!)

5 thoughts on “Mysterious celebrity-themed posters plaster LA streets”

  1. Aren’t you just participating in their marketing campaign here? You know what it is but you won’t tell, and it doesn’t look to me like you took photos but rather somebody provided you with original digital art. Is this a friend’s project that you’re helping to pimp using a veneer of journalism (or bloggingism as it were)?

    It seems to me that you can’t call it “mysterious” and also point out that you know what they are all in the same paragraph. They’re certainly not any more mysterious than any of the other, non-commercial L.A. poster work that I’ve never seen covered here (and there’s a LOT of it).

  2. Well it doesn’t look like Conal’s work. It looks like the work of the ubiquitous Shepard Fairy (of Andre Has a Posse fame ) and his marketing / graphic design company BLK/MRKT out of Culver City. Quite similar to when he sold out to Universal Pictures for the marketing campaign he did for their release of the movie Man on the Moon, in that case Andy Kaufman had a Posse and Mr. Fairy got paid. Well. So what is it going to be this time? A plea for us to be ‘Drifferent’ and BUY a certain Car, Celphone, Soft Drink, Beer, CD, DVD, Pants or Antacid?

  3. TAR might just be the most uninformed asshat who’s ever posted on this site.

    1. That’s OBVIOUSLY not Shepards work. A VERY bad rip off maybe.
    2. Conal’s posters have a history of talking shit without making a point which would fit right in with this. However I doubt it’s his because he likes to show off his drawings.
    3. Shepard is no longer involved with Blk/Mrkt.
    4. When he was, it wasn’t located in Culver City.
    5. There was never a “andy Kaufman has a posse” campaign, Shepard just did a portrait of him. No “posse” involved.
    6. Of course he got paid, the company hired him to do it. That’s how designers and artists make a living, by selling art or being hired to do a job.
    7. His ObeyGiant side project had nothing to do with it, or Blk/Mrkt ever.

    maybe do a little homework before running your mouth next time?

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