Tapas, japanese style

The Spaniards have tapas, the Brits have their pubs with fish and chips, and the Japanese have izakaya. These restaurants specialize in tasty tidbits (Musha, a Santa Monica restaurant that came highly recommended by former Tokyo denizens. Small plates of slow roasted pork with sweet potatoes and egg, japanese pizza-omelettes, and japanese gourd dip all made for a memorable meal.

Musha: 424 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 310.576.6330

*Since I don’t want to clog up blogging.la with the many photos I took, if you’re interested if checking out the tasty plates more closely, take a detour over this way.

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  1. Try out Musha’s Torrance location for a real Japanese style Izakaya experience. It will definitely be worth your time. I would recommend either a Friday or Saturday night, but be sure to make a reservation. There is usually a 15-45 minute wait during these evenings.

    Alex P Limbert CPA
    Torrance, CA

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