As I was walking out of my favourite local chicken mole spot here on the Eastside (Alegria on Sunset) tonite, I was surprised and pleased to see the cover story of the most recent LA Weekly is about the amorphous cultural landscape known as KoreaTown. Apparently its in style now, with both the nightlife and food destinations now on the Angeleno barometer of places to see and be seen (did you know that KoreaTown claims the largest nightclub in all of Los Angeles?). I don’t really have a craving for korean clubbing and the practice of “booking” (a practice where club waitstaff play matchmaker and introduce men and women almost forcefully over $300 bottles of scotch), but I think Jonathan Gold’s list of Koreatown’s Top 40 eateries is quite keen.

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  1. There was a feature on one of the local newscasts recently about Korea Town, in reference to the marathon going through there and the influx of tourists it brings. Very interesting.

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