Calling all Pilots!

I live up the road from the Van Nuys airport and I have a hankering to get my pilots license. Anyone out there learn to fly there and can you recommend a school? I have a few in running but am looking for personal recommendations at this point. I’m going to go meet the teachers soon and see who I like but would really like some input. Any Flyboys/gals out there???

4 thoughts on “Calling all Pilots!”

  1. I’m up north in the Bay Area but here’s a few things to bear in mind when you want to learn to fly:
    – it’s not cheap. Budget to spend about $5000 all told to get your license.
    – when you’re taking lessons, it’s good to fly at least 2-3 times a week. Make sure your schedule allows for that.
    – You might want to consider completing ground school before you even take to the skies. It’s best to get all that “boring” stuff out of the way so you can concentrate on flying.

    Other than that, have fun! Learning to fly is one of the most worthwhile endeavors I have ever embarked on.

  2. I fly at Makarion now. I have flown at a few flight schools in the past and have found Makarion to be a pretty good one. I will tell you one thing though, their airplanes are the nicest I have ever seen at a flight school.

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