sand_bags.jpg“The City of Los Angeles Fire Department and the Bureau of Street Services are helping residents prepare for floods and mudslides by providing sand bags at all fire stations. Up to 25 burlap bags, sand and plastic sheeting are available per household. Residents are invited to visit neighborhood fire stations for more information about storm related emergencies. In addition, large amounts of sand, plastic and burlap bags are available for delivery to designated local areas to assist in distributing these supplies.”

Translation: So everyone, go ahead and bring an umbrella to work tomorrow, it might sprinkle a little or something, and maybe don’t wear a shirt that will be ruined if it gets wet. Otherwise, nothing to worry about.

UPDATE: So right after I opened my stupid mouth the power went out for blocks around us and wasn’t restored until about 4am.

5 thoughts on “AAHHHHH! IT’S COMING!! GOD SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. yeah, we’re all a bunch of pussies until the power goes off for five hours and you can’t watch your Alias episode because it’s trapped in the DVD player. Yeah, we’ll see who is crying then.

  2. We always call stuff like that “Windstorm 98!” from (IIRC) an old MadTV episode featuring a newscast where they were freaking out about a breezy day.

    There is, however, a real danger with mudslides and flash floods up in the San Berdoo mountains right now, post-fires. A vicious cycle. Drought -> fire danger -> big fire -> deforestation + rain = mudslides.

  3. Remember when people died over the holidays when the mudslides trapped & killed people in their homes? So sad that the people who didn’t lose their houses to the fires in October ended up losing their houses due to mudslides a few months later.

    But you’re right. People in the city are whiny ass bitches about the rain. I’m one of them.

  4. I’ve always marveled at the ability of the Los Angeles drainage system to take over 4 1/2 INCHES of rain before flooding every intersection in North Hollywood.

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