Once Upon a Time in Chinatown

Over the past couple of years Caryn and I have heard about countless art shows in this mysterious place called Chinatown. We’ve attempted to go to many of them, but much like the opening last night that we wanted to see, after driving around for 30+ minutes and not being able to find anything, we’ give up. This is pretty uncharacteristic, because I can pretty much find anything. Give me an address and I’m there, and in fact the framer that we use all the time is in Chinatown and we have no problem finding him. The difference is, he’s on Broadway. A real street, with real signs, that you can drive to. The galleries I was talking about, aren’t. Most of them are on some street called “Chung King Road” which I guess you can’t drive to? But there’s no signs, so much like the treasure cave from Pirates of the Carribean if you don’t already know where it is you will never find it. We gave up long ago of trying to track down “Chung King” but last night seemed more reasonable. The gallery has a street address, 510 Bernard, and when I mapquested it, looked easy to find. From all the maps I looked at, Bernard was one block long, and 510 was supposed to be right in the middle. So we drive over, find Bernard, and the addresses on the one block street range from 400-490. Once again, I’m looking for 510, and the street is only one block long. Yeah. So we drive back ad forth, and around the block several times before giving up. On the way out, we decide to try and hit it from the other direction just to see if there’s something we missed. A few blocks over we see a street sign for “Bernard” Bingo! Except… there’s no street. No Alley. Not even a sidewalk. Just a sign that leads no where. That was it. We threw in the towel and went home.

So, my request for the day is this – I want either A. Someone who knows Chinatown like the back of their hand to draw up a map and put it online that explains what the crap is going on with all the secret hidden streets, or B. Anyone who is in Chinatown at one of those places and wants people to come to their location needs to include directions with their address. Say something like “You’ll need to park on this block, walk 10 paces north, turn east at this store, etc…” because just listing a street address, for a street people can’t get to isn’t working out so well.

every now and then, i turn it on again

You know, no matter how hard I try, I can’t hate Indie103.1.

I really want to, because I hate Clear Channel so much, but I think their playlist is the best thing to be on LA radio in a decade.

Here are four things I’d do to make it a better station, if I were King of the Universe:

  1. Get rid of that fucking stoner guy who does the station IDs. Whenever I hear his voice, I want to punch him in the larynx, and stomp on his guts. Besides, isn’t he too busy eating Carl’s Junior to be bothered?
  2. The live Internet feed is awesome. Mirror it on Shoutcast, so we XMMS weenies can enjoy it.
  3. Send strippers and scotch to Wil Wheaton once a week.
  4. Boost the broadcast signal, so people in Pasadena can listen without so much goddamn static.

Don’t get me wrong. $corporate.stuff still sucks more often than not, but every now and then, something corporate comes along (like those soymilk gingerbread lattes at Starbucks) and is not all that bad after all.

But seriously, Indie 103.1, take one of your spiffy stickers, wait until your Station ID guy takes a big bite of his Western Bacon Cheeseburger, and slap it across his stupid mouth. You’ll be doing us all a favor.

Best of East LA Pizza

Its been awhile since I posted, but I think I’ve got a post that might appeal to a great many of us Angeleno’s: determining who makes the best pizza in East LA. We hosted a pizza party this Saturday, complete with blind taste testing, score forms, and our nerdy asses even created charts and graphs to go along with the results. We geeked out to the fullest so you can pick out a pie without the worry of ordering a dud in a cardboard box.

A major player was missing due to the downpour Saturday night (Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock), but Vito’s, Nicky D’s, Pizza Paul, Palermo’s, Hard Times and Mr. Pizza all delivered a six-shooter of cheesy-sauced dough to our doorstep to get the party started right. When all was said and done, a definite victor came out on top in our blind taste test. Guess who?

It’s getting hot in here

My old buddies at the Associated Press are reporting that the glare coming of the new Disney Concert Hall is cooking the neighbors. Some people are complaining of temperature increases of up to 15 degrees. It looks like the problem is that on some places, a super reflective polished metal was used rather than the duller, brushed steel that is used on most of the building. This kinds turns the building into an oven.

Before concert hall officials recently ordered a temporary fix, reflections from Frank Gehry’s $274 million architectural landmark, which opened in October, hit Jaqueline Lagrone just as she arrived home for lunch.

“You couldn’t even see and then the furniture would get really hot,” said Lagrone, 42, whose unit faces the new hall. “You would have to literally close the drapes and you’d still feel warmth in the house. You would have the air conditioning on all the time.”

FREE Child

This is on Craigslist right now. It’s a hilarious stab at all those assholes who don’t take owning their pets seriously and offer them for free (or sometimes threaten to talk them to the pound) because they are moving or the dog/cat has some annoying habit.

“Six-year-old male human being, free to a good home. I am moving, and just can’t take him with me. He is very good-natured, laughs and plays a lot, and gets along with other children very well. I don’t want to euthanize him, but will have to if nobody takes him before next Tuesday…”

My New Favorite LA Web Site

Every geek in LA must start using Courier & Chives! We had the guide dropped onto our doorstep last week and finally decided to give them a go ten minutes ago. In a word: AMAZING! “Whatever” you wanna eat, you can order it online and have it delivered to your house in about an hour (or at a future time). Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, American, Japanese, etc. Site navigation was simple, the process was straightforward, and taste selection was most impressive. Oh, man… this is just too cool for words. And here’s another money-saving secret: remember to apply the ‘free delivery’ coupon before finalizing your order. Minutes later, you’ll receive a verification phone call from the order-taking center – fast, fast, fast. I’ve never seen or used a service like this, but I already can’t wait to do it again! Why can’t more businesses be THIS Internet-friendly?! What else have I been missing out on?!