6 thoughts on “Whale Watching Part 2”

  1. These shots are incredible. I think someone earlier called them phantasmical. Yep.

    What cam did you use to take these? The gull shots are so crystal – I almost hear them yelling out, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

  2. Hey! We followed your advice and went yesterday, feb 1. We had a blast! We didn’t see any whale, but we were so happy anyway. We saw dolphins (white-siders or something like it) and the seagulls are just fantastic. Some chinese lady threw up from the second deck right where we were on the bottom, but our coats have already been cleaned. Your photos are beautiful! Regards.

  3. whale-watching can really help the whales.
    Do you know the last iniciative of Greenpeace? They have organised a pledge, to send a letter to the government in Iceland to tell them to stop whaling, else nobody will visit their country. They have got the favour of the tourism and whale-watching industry of Iceland. You can sign in and learn more at http://act.greenpeace.org/col/get?i=959&sk=is&la=en&r=4115.

    Please consider sending this info to all your friends, and also posting it on your weblog if you thing this is a right iniciative.

    I love whales, do you?

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