O’Reilly anyone?

I’m thinking of heading down to the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego in early Feb. Now, I hadn’t been planning on this before so I didn’t do any pre-planning. I’m wondering if anyone else from LA is going down and wants to share a ride, share a room, share whatever. I’m no stranger to packing a sleeping bag and subleting some floorspace. I’ll probably just grab a basic floor pass, but let me know if you are planning to go.

5 thoughts on “O’Reilly anyone?”

  1. i ended up scoring a pass to etech a week ago. it didn’t leave me a lot of time to plan – or money to budget – but i think i’ve got most of what i need squared away.

    i’m rolling down there early tuesday afternoon via amtrak. greyhound clocks in at $25 for a round trip ticket but i’d rather pay an extra $10 to enjoy seatside ac outlets and the chance to [legally] drink in a moving vehicle. i already have crash space squared away at a friend’s place who’s full up. if i were you, i’d post something to the room sharing section of their wiki and see what happens.

    if you’d like to catch lunch just look for the large man with the brown mohawk…

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