Little known treasure


Today I went whale watching out in the Pacific with a few friends out of Long Beach Harbor. Ticket price was a whopping $20 and worth 5 times that. 2 and a half hours out into the ocean to search for migrating whales. It was quite possibly the most calm I’ve had in months. I recommend everyone in LA go do it. The whales are migrating between now and March but February is the best time to do it. We went out on a regular ship today but next time we’re going out on the American Pride which is a 3 masted sailing ship that was out of commission for a bit. Anyway go do it! It’s amazing and so calming it’s better than 10 trips to the therapist. The picture above is real. They fly in formation looking for food from the tourists. I’ll post my gallery URL in a day or so. I shot 450 pictures today on this little adventure. I even got a whale tail! But I was too excited to get a really great one.


One thought on “Little known treasure”

  1. The gull shot is phantasmically gorgeous, and inspiring. I used to sail a beat-up little Hobie all over the bay, but haven’t been out since the kids were born. Now they’re old enough, I gotta get ’em out there.

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