I’m Popular

So, I just joined Orkut the other day – from an invitation. It’s kinda neat, and since it’s being done “in affiliation with Google,” I believe it’s going to be around for a while. At this point, I’ve discovered that I have at least 102 friends. It’s neat when you get added by people you respect from afar. Yeah, I’m on Ryze and Linkedin, but I think Orkut’s at the top of my list. I’ve found other Blogging.la’ers over there, too – but I just don’t know all of you yet. I suppose if you leave a comment on this blog, you’d be considered a friend. Unless you’re not. In which case, I have every right to kick you in the kneecap.

5 thoughts on “I’m Popular”

  1. aww damn… I don’t have any friends right now:

    “We’ve taken orkut.com offline as we implement some improvements and upgrades suggested by users. Since orkut is in the very early stages of development, it’s likely to be up and down quite a bit during the coming months. None of the information you’ve entered will be deleted, and none of the connections you’ve made will be lost. And, if all goes well, you should see some significant improvements when we come back online.

    We’ll send an email once everything is ready and running again. Thanks for your feedback and for bearing with us as we work our way up the learning curve.

    The orkut team”

  2. Sean is my only friend!

    Obviously, though it’s down at the moment — overall it works so much better than Friendster.

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