Authentic Persian Cuisine

If you’re lookin’ for some tasty yogurt-coated foodstuff, we were pretty impressed with Shamshiri on (not in) Westwood last night. You gotta try persian ice cream at some point in your life. It smells and tastes like a rose, I kid you not. Not as much fun as wasabi ice cream, but definitely tastier than avacado. I’ve had those, too – as well as garlic. Eating exotic-flavored ice cream is kinda like a hobby. I know I’d be better off taking up smoking, eh?

3 thoughts on “Authentic Persian Cuisine”

  1. mashti malone’s on la brea between sunset and hollywood is a whole shop of perisan ice creams.

  2. Mashti’s….oh Mashti’s! The Rosewater Saffron ice cream is simply mana from heaven. And many of the ingredients used are shipped directly from Iran! My girlfriend is in love with the faludeh, starchy noodles with light rose sorbet. Ahhhh, I need a scoop now!

  3. If you haven’t tried ube flavored ice cream, you should. It’s a sweet, purple yam popular in the Philippines. You can find ube ice cream in just about any Filipino market — Magnolia makes the best. Mmmm…

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