Miss Derringer

The first time I met Liz McGrath she was at Mr. T’s Bowl, singing so hard with the band Tongue her throat was livid, and bulged like a bullfrog’s. She and her new band, MISS DERRINGER, have just released “King James, Crown Royal and a Colt 45,” described as “a montage of musical styles from rootsy country to folk pop to prom punk… [that] plays like a musical diary of a haunted and hell-bent ’30’s starlet gone wrong.” The label, Sympathy for the Record Industry, is new, too.

7 thoughts on “Miss Derringer”

  1. You beat me to it! Got that e-mail from Liz last night and was planning to post it here too. although, Sympathy has put out over 700 records and been around for a very, very long time.

  2. Oops! Last time I spoke to Liz, she said something about starting a record label. This, inbetween making the record, the art, the fashion line and general world domination.

  3. That looks great, but someone really needs to learn how to spell “derringer” (twice in the flyer).

  4. I recently saw Miss Derringer at their cd release party, they were a little off but interesting. I bought there cd but I was very disappointed. They are better live. But not much.

  5. This is a brillant project, especially since they started it like a month ago! We’re really happy that Liz is actually singing now and you can actually HEAR her, but we really owe it to Morgan Slade for his amazing writing abilities…and Thanks Morgan for putting aside your celebrity project to make this CD. This will be huge.

  6. A pure breed from the SFTRI kennel. Pure punk and art cred. But like most pure breeds, pretty as hell, but dumb as shit.

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