I Went to SF and All I Got Was This Lousy Food Poisoning

I am taking a momentary pause from vomiting up anything I’ve eaten in the past few days (which hasn’t been much) to just say…oh my god does having food poisoning stink the big one. My friend Tim had it on Saturday while in SF and I thought it was from some shrimp he had and that I was in the clear. Nope! It hit me today like a ton of bricks. Sean did a little internet research and apparently food poisoning can take up to a week to show up…a week! Now I feel REALLY bad that my friend had to go through this. Hopefully I’m on the upswing…

One thought on “I Went to SF and All I Got Was This Lousy Food Poisoning”

  1. I’m sorry Caryn…that sounds awful.

    It’s funny you mention this because my Mom was just lecturing me on how I eat sandwiches with mayo that have been left out, raw fish, whatever leftovers I forgot to refrigerate etc and have never had food poisoning.

    {I’ll be stricken tomorrow just for typing that}

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