Quake 2

Anyone else keep hearing about the predicted big-ass quake in our back yard in the next few months actually starting to take it seriously? What are you doing to prepare, if anything? The thing I’m worrying most about is my big fish tank. BTW, I ripped a bunch of muscles in my arm the other day so typing has been rough, sorry for the slack over here.

13 thoughts on “Quake 2”

  1. I think it’s just good common sense to be prepared for an earthquake, with water, batteries and such, but I remember being told of “The Big One” in ELEMENTARY school… so I don’t freak out when I hear that stuff.

  2. I agree, we should be prepared anyway. It’s not there there won’t be an earthquake here at some point. I worry about my fish tank, too. And the giant bookcases filled with books that surround my desk.

  3. I’m waiting for some pioneering research in the field of quake prediction. Like, let us know when it’s a few days away – like they do with hurricanes.

    But when they say it’s coming within a year… well, that’s just not very helpful. It feels like an Orange Terror Alert. Just be scared, but go about your business.

  4. Not worried about it, I woke up to the Northridge quake, when the shaking stopped, I fell back asleep. It’s all you hear about is “the Big One.” I am not convinced, but it is good to be prepared.

  5. We’re putting together an earthquake kit…its kinda fun making a checklist of stuff. But hopefully if and when a big one strikes, we’ll be okay enough to use the kit and maybe help others….

  6. well that is why we won’t have an earthquake, someone predicted it. oh yeah and for those not in california, i would rather be here. more people are killed by tornados falling on them than earthquake, did i forget to mention floods, hurri- whatevers and simply slipping on ice.

  7. Well, I’d agree except the people who predicted it have been right with every other prediction. And did I say I was scared for my life? NO! I said I was scared for my fish tank for crying out loud. Fish tanks don’t get messed up from floods, hurriwhatevers or slipping on ice, but they do from earthquakes!

  8. this is not about you or your fishtank, the comment was a general observation about earthquakes and people outside california.

    did not mean for you to take it so so personally

  9. now now “Excuse Me”, unless you are some kind of wacky mind reader I don’t think it’s your place to comment on the intentions behind “Sick Of It”s post.

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