The Only Quake I Like Is One with a BFG

This is an excerpt from a Slashdot post about the prediction of a large earthquake near Los Angeles by September this year. Considering Los Angeles is due for a big one, earthquake prediction months in advance would be godsend.

“A UCLA seismologist named Vladimir Keilis-Borok claims earthquakes can be predicted months in advance. In the article at the University of California Newswire, he claims that the “team including experts of pattern recognition, geodynamics, seismology, chaos theory, statistical physics and public safety … has developed algorithms to detect precursory earthquake patterns.” It also says “the team’s current predictions have not missed any earthquake, and have had its two most recent ones come to pass.” They predict “an earthquake of at least magnitude 6.4 by Sept. 5, 2004, in a region that includes the southeastern portion of the Mojave Desert, and an area south of it.” We’ll see if they’re right.”

6 thoughts on “The Only Quake I Like Is One with a BFG”

  1. I may hate myself a little for saying this but if a big earthquake hits, then home prices will drop and I can finally afford a home. That is, if I don’t die in the earthquake…in which case, Sean can have a fabulous home.

  2. Yeah, its almost 100% expected that a great percentage of people not originally from Los Angeles will move away after experiencing an earthquake of sizable magnitude (and some natives too), and that house prices will drop by a sizable amount. It would be good to know which year “The Big One” will strike the San Andreas….

  3. Interesting how predictions for a quake around LA always surface around the anniversary of the northridge quake. Personally, i’d rather not relive that.

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