Just when you thought it was done

…more shows keep pulling you back in!

This weekend just keeps getting more exciting for the Los Angeles art scene. Here are a few more, if not crucial, shows that are opening this weekend. And, for your convenience, I’m also including how long the exhibitions are up in case you will miss the opening night (like me!). Of course there are more, many more, events this week at such places like Gagosian and Chinatown but what am I, the Weekly?

Catherine Opie – Surfers – Opens January 10th and continues through February 14th at Regen Projects (633 N. Almont Dr./310.276.5424)
Tyler Green was out in LA last month and met with Opie. He seemed quite excited about the new body of photographs she was working on. Opie had an exhibition up (concurrently with the heavenly Ed Ruscha) at the MCA, Chicago in 2001 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Short end of it…she explores facades in her work whether they be architectural structure facades, such as homes, or the human body as a facade.

Yoshitomo Nara New Works – Opening and book-signing Jan. 10th from 5-8 pm, continues through February 7th, at Blum and Poe (2754 S. La Cienega Blvd)
-Nara totally kicks Murakami’s ass, what with the girls with knives and all. And, although I’m staying WAY away from the madhouse that will be the opening (book signing? Yipers) I will definitely be checking out the new paintings, drawings, and slide projection at the fabulous Blum and Poe.

Kerry James Marshall – Color Blind – Opens January 10th (6-8 pm) and continues through February 21st at Koplin Del Rio (464 N. Robertson Blvd).
-I think that Kerry James is one of the most brilliant American painters today. His paintings are beautiful narrative scenes involving the African-American in America. He currently has a show up at the MCA in Chicago, which is great that they’re actually showing a real-live Chicago artist in a main gallery there, but I here the show is a little hodge-podge and the Marshall keeps adding to the show as it goes on. So much so that guides and the prep crew don’t know what’s going on! Even so, he’s a master, and this show should be quite good.

Randall Sellers – New Work – Opening Jan. 10th (4-6 pm) and continues through February 14th at Richard Heller Gallery (Bergamot Station).
-I admit it, I love Richard Heller Gallery. He mostly deals with drawings and smaller works and most everything he shows I love…and want! I’m not too thrilled that his openings are always so darn early because I can never make them but go, go, go to this gallery!