here comes the sun

sunrise.jpg -- click for a larger image

Two days ago, Nolan needed to get to school early to finish some math homework he’d left in his desk (he’s an egghead just like his stepdad: he doesn’t want to lose his 107% grade!) so I got to watch the sun rise while I made him breakfast. I took this picture out of my kitchen window to remember it, because our smogsets in Los Angeles are always beautiful, but I’ve never seen a sunrise quite like this one.

5 thoughts on “here comes the sun”

  1. One of the few advantages of working 7-6 M-Th (besides the Fridays off) is going to work early enough to see sunrises like this one. It was absolutely gorgeous and this is a great shot of it!

  2. This is a great example of yin and yang. In that breath you just took in awe of the beauty you just witnessed you inhaled more toxins than most people do in a lifetime. The price of a minute of beauty is the loss of a second of life.

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