Westside connect…

Driving to the westside(1) of town means a 17 minute drive can turn into a 45 minute crawl. But its nice to have friends on that side of town too to make my drive on the 10 freeway more tolerable during rush hour.

Greg and eric are the marquee names on sawtelle blvd, either by face or by reputation. The former is like the real life rough version of fonzie. This tough guy beats up on crackheads and shoplifters but is a sweet guy to all the old ladies who shop at his neighborhood grocery store. The same old ladies who are the only ones who can get away with telling his shaved head makes him look mean. If he and fonz had a showdown, my money would be on greg. After all, what could the fonzie do besides hit the juke box and go water skiing? The latter…everybody knows giant robot magazine but not everyone knows eric. Nortorious and misunderstood.

Maki is my newest hair cutter(2). Immigrated from japan three years ago, we talk alot about food. I think we’re suppose to have ramen at daikokuya. Well I asked her and she said yes. She lives alone. She covered my eyes while washing my hair so i couldn’t look down her loose top. She’s one smart cookie. I told her to go see greg next door with all her computer questions. I found that amusing.

Picking up kris from ucla means theres a lot of freshman girls and boys roaming around who havent’ filled out their pants or wear oversized sweatshirts. Fortunately, kris is a sophomore.

1. Some westsiders think that the “east” side of town is mid wilshire. Ok, just so your know, there’s a part of town called “EAST LA” and its called “EAST LA” because its located on the “EAST” side of the city. “Mid wilshire” at its very east is the middle. So figure it out.

2. Haircuts and I don’t get along very well the very first day. The hair cutter isn’t bad, its just my oddly shaped head initially rejects this new style. Consequently, as of tonight, I look like the gay happy minor character in a hong kong action movie who gets killed in the first scene.

3. Hanging out with young girls means I can talk about sticking my finger in my mouth to dislodge food, talk about their crack in their butt or get a calendar of their final project in graphic design. And THEY make the world go round.

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  1. I think the westsiders who think mid-Wilshire is the east side of town would be scared to death if they came to the real east side.

    Then again, I think the west side is anything west of the L.A. river.

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