Stab Master Arson

If you live in LA or pretty much anywhere else you know that hipster singer dude Elliott Smith died a little while back. If you are like me, and never heard one of the guy’s songs and couldn’t tell you what he sounded like to save his life, you probably think he killed himself. That what I thought, because that’s what I heard everywhere and on every report I saw. I didn’t really read much about it because, well, like I said I wasn’t that attached.

A few weeks back Caryn told me she read something on E! Online about how there were still a lot of questions about it, especially that there was still no official rulling on his death. That was a bit more interesting to me and I googled it, but didn’t really find anything so I went back to whatever I was doing before.

In today’s issue of the LA Weekly there’s a much more detailed story. “The Final Moments of Elliott Smithís Life: Autopsy reveals details of argument with girlfriend” digs in a bit deeper and points out what some of the lingering questions are and why the Coroners office is still saying “inconclusive.”

“According to the January 6 report, Smithís girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba, told police that she and Smith were arguing when she locked herself in the bathroom. She said she heard Smith scream, opened the bathroom door and found him standing with his back to her. When he turned around, she told police, she saw the kitchen knife in his chest. She said he was standing up, conscious and gasping for breath. She told police that she pulled the knife out of his chest and saw “two cuts” before he walked away and collapsed.”

I gotta admit, that does sound a bit on the sketchy side.

7 thoughts on “Stab Master Arson”

  1. What do you mean it sounds sketchy…they were arguing, he had a knife in his chest and she pulled it out. Nothing strange about that…nope…

  2. That happened to me once…but fortunately I wore gloves and just said I was on the crapper for a long time.

  3. Oh, but if his girlfriend had a knife in her chest everyone would have immediately said he did it.

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