New Buddyhead Gossip!

You might remember Travis Keller from such entertaining and insightful posts as “photos of drunk people” and “______ tourdates”. However, it might come to a suprise to most of you that when he’s not dodging IM messages from us, he and some other dudes run your favorite record label / webmagazine Buddyhead. That’s right. Shocking I know.

Just in case you haven’t been sitting on Buddyhead’s website hitting reload every 10 minutes since their last update because you’ve been at work, downloading porn, downloading porn at work, or whatever it is you do that isn’t reading buddyhead, we thought we’d let you know the new Gossip is up now! We know you are excited, so go check it out. Now.

Why are you still here?

OK, fine, here’s a couple of the LA related tidbits you’ll find there:

David Yow (singer of The Jesus Lizard) now calls Los Angeles his home! Good work Davey! The bummer that we keep hearing is that heís been hanging out with Gavin from Bush! Now, not only does Gavin get to play hide the pickle in Gwenís pink taco, but he gets to go drinking with DAVID YOW!!!! That bastard! David, you should be drinking whiskey with us instead of hanging out with that British export. Just cuz he tricked Steve Albini into recording his band once doesnít mean heís cool. Actually, weíll hang out with both of you if Bush is buying drinks for everyone. If he throws down the card, itís on. By the way, if youíre still a stupid kid, go buy The Jesus Lizard records ìGoatî, ìLiarî, ìHeadî, their live cd ìShowî, and their singles and rarities cd, ìBangî.

Rick Rubin is making two records at once right now! Yeah, thatís how good of a ìproducerî he is!!! He doesnít even have to be in the studio when they are recording! Wow is right! We canít wait to be producers ourselves so that we can eat donuts, fart em out, grow beards, and talk to famous people on our two way pagers all day long too! Sounds like a great job! The International Noise Conspiracy and Weezer get to share Ricky at the present time. In their spare time, Dennis and the rest of INC like to hang out at the Beauty Bar to do fat rails of speed and pick up on dudes and chicks to take back to Rick Rubinís mansion. They wonít let us hang out, but they invited Sam Velde to use him for his American style singing for backups on their record so they donít sound quite so Swedish.

Sofia Coppola filed for a divorce with Spike Jonze. Sofia says that with her new free time, sheís going to start a record label (just what the world needs) and that Giovanni Ribisiís character in her last movie ìLost In Translationî was based on Spike Jonze. We say her whole career is based on her dads.

Still reading? Maybe I forgot to mention you should go to buddyhead’s own site and read all of it. Sorry about the confusion.

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