So courtesy of a very nice patron of the gallery, I will be going to my first-ever hockey game with Sean this Saturday at the Staples Center. In fact, this will be my first trip to the Staples Center at all, despite my driving past in millions and millions of times. Anyway, we have really good seats (like the VIP press section) towards the center and even got a parking pass (be still my heart). I’m so excited to do something different and non-art related for a change! I guess this means that I won’t be making it to all those openings I mentioned on the site earlier though.

3 thoughts on “Kings”

  1. I just went to my first Kings game (and my first trip to the Staples Center) a few weeks ago and, despite having no previous interest in hockey, it was totally fun. Staples Center is super nice, and the parking pass is way, way cool to have.

  2. Unfortunately, Ziggy went down last night with a likely season-ending injury.

    Imagine that not only Shaq and Karl Malone were out, but Gary Payton too, and that all three had been out of the lineup for going on two years, but Kobe had been managing to carry the team on his back, but then he went down for the rest of the season.


  3. Who is the mooseheads hockey team, are they a good hockey team? Your comments are so cool on the team. The hockey sports season must be almost over. I almost went on a trip to the staples center, right on the top of my head, lol It was in the parking gargage next to the players parking garage.
    Take care and I will be back later

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