how not to attend a king’s game

Despite not being a big sports fan, I’ve been to a few King’s games and had lots of fun. I see Sean and Caryn will be attending one shortly so I thought I’d offer my sage advice.

You will see lots of folks wearing King’s jerseys. Resist the urge to hurt them the same way you resist harming the tourists strolling around Los Angeles in the matching pastel sweatsuits.

Do NOT run up to one of the 500 guys wearing the Luc Robitaille jersey with a plastic beer cup in hand and ask him why he’s not getting ready for the game.

While your friends may find it highly amusing — hockey fans do not categorize this as acceptable pre-game humor. And they are not adverse to hurting a frail blonde girl over a simple joke.

I still don’t have full feeling in my lower jaw.

3 thoughts on “how not to attend a king’s game”

  1. Actually, you accidentally discovered the *other* rule: Don’t disturb Luc Robitaille when he’s having his pre-game beer. ;)

    Ataki #20
    A Kings Fan

  2. I really want to kick the shit out of the “hockey fan” in question.

    Before reading this story, I ranked the NHL right alongside the Professional Bowlers’ Tour in terms of sporting events I’d want to attend.

    After reading this I’m pretty sure I’m over hockey for good.

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