Looking for Juror #3 Van Nuys Superior Court

This has got to be the most random piece of spam I have ever received:

From: Juror N4 [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 7:50 PM
To: moxie
Subject: Looking for Juror #3 Van Nuys Superior Court

To: Juror #3, Van Nuys Superior Court, Dept E, Los Angeles,
CA, excused on November 13.

This is Juror #4 and I would really like to say Hi
and continue our conversation.
You can reply to this email or call 818-xxx-xxxx.


She is WF, 30’s, 5’5″, slender build, short light brown hair.
She served on jury duty November 12 & 13, Van Nuys Superior Court in the
San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA.

Contact me or please pass this message along to her.Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

8 thoughts on “Looking for Juror #3 Van Nuys Superior Court”

  1. I got that as well. I like thinking it’s a convict trying to track down one of the people that convicted him so he can make some brain stew.

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