Can’t Live Without My Radio

January 5, 2004 at 8:53 am in Uncategorized

Michael points to a post on Andy’s site about a new radio station in LA. I read regularly but for some reason missed this. I had been out of town and had almost 1000 RSS feeds to sort through and I think I saw the title mentioning “Clear Channel” and just skipped it. I’m glad Michael was there to catch my mistake.

103.1 FM is a newly reformated station that is supposed to be super indie, and will be charged with “bringing the alternative back to Los Angeles.” And for the next few weeks will have no ads, DJs, or anything except music. He says

“In Los Angeles, the “alternative” market has long been dominated by Infinity Broadcasting’s KROQ. In the last few years, it’s evolved into a corporate rock nightmare without any competition. Without an adequate alternative to the non-stop stream of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park clones, many listeners simply turned off their radios.”

I’ll be checking this out today because this could get really interesting, as Andy points out “If successful, Clear Channel’s “Indie” experiment may have surprising consequences across the nation’s radio landscape.”

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