Lost Angst

Looking at photos of cute girls in cute haircuts, I ask sandwich what she thinks of this one picture. She randomly meows because I don’t think she really knows what I’m talking about – she is a cat after all.

Driving to little tokyo to pick up some conditioner and the latest issue of mini magazine, there’s an older white man and his same age asian companion driving to the right of me – they in their white vintage corolla of some sort with the silver christian fish badge stuck on the trunk. Than some other old white guy driving the opposite (!) direction, rolls down his window and yells out in his quivering voice “hey you mudder fucker!”. I’m like huh? And than the third white guy to the left of me starts mad dogging daggers at the first white guy. What exactly is going on here. Not wanting to be caught in the middle of some depends rival gang war, I speed off in my big 108 horse power x-a. Just another sunday afternoon in la.

Thank god sandwich just meows.

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