lazy of los angeles, don’t despair

January 2, 2004 at 12:22 am in Uncategorized

Anyone who is as lazy and disorganized as I am knows — nothing is closer to godliness than having a nice person deliver groceries to your door minutes after you order them.

If you lamented the demise of the dot com perks such as WebVan, Kozmo, (Iíd like to rent that new DVD, get that MP3 player AND have a roast beef sandwich, thank you) and the old more reliable Pink Dot and live in this area you’re in luck.

I was hesitant to order from a company that calls itself ìYummy,î after all Iím not 3 years old anymore despite acting that way sometimes. But desperation got its way.

The service is aptly named. All in the interest of good journalism (*cough*) Iíve ordered sandwiches, fresh vegetables, household items and of course booze. Delivery is timely and I’m especially fond of their salads and sandwiches.

Only downside is that they close at midnight and donít have an internet delivery option. Yet.

But damn, interacting with real live people on the phone wonít kill you.

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