Happy New Year!

W00t! First post of 2004. Other than that, not much eventful really to report on from the new years front. But here’s hoping it goes better than 2003. Which ate a lot of ass from my standpoint anyway.



Check out The California Commuters Alliance where according to their site they are trying to “make sure our transportation dollars relieve congestion and improve the streets, roads and highways we rely on every day.” and they have all kinds of links and things you can do if you live in places like The Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, etc but the only mention of LA is in lines like “Nationwide, the San Francisco-Oakland region ranks second only to Los Angeles for epic traffic jams…” where they talk about how the traffic is almost as bad where ever they are as it is in LA. But no links for us. Guess they figure the traffic in LA is a lost cause.