notes from the south

I’ve been in South Central Florida for the past week and a half visiting family and doing the holiday thing. With no wifi enabled starbucks (or anything) within 60 miles of where we were staying internet has been limited to a shared dialup via a shared PC so I haven’t been using it much. Right now I’m sitting on an American flight someplace over the Gulf of Mexico on my way to Dallas and then onto Los Angeles. I’m sure I’ll have hundreds of e-mails and thousands of unread RSS feeds, but honestly I just want to be home. In LA. Home in LA.

I want to drive down the street and not see a confederate flag filling the back window of the pickup truck in front of me, AND the one next to me (I stopped counting at 35 of those, 2 days in by the way). I want to pick up the big news paper in the city and not see a bible quote on the front page. I want the top story in that paper not to be about what local athorities are doing to ensure the safety of mall with the 6 screen movie theater and the local put-put golf course from the grave terrorist threat that is obviously bearing down on them in these troubled, high-alert times. I want the sherrif quoted in that article not to also have 4-5 other titles since the same 20 people obviously hold all the local government jobs.

What I will miss is going the aformentioned mall and seeing one of the storefronts filled with a wax museum represenation of the last supper, and I’m pretty sure not coughing up the $5 to go in and see it is something I’ll regret for days. That, and target shooting 9mm handguns at the gun range in my wife’s parent’s front yard was pretty cool. One of the benefits of acrage I guess.

I did hear that things kind of fell to shit while I was gone. Earthquakes, mudslides, slow refills on sodas at Swingers… Sorry about that everyone. I’m back now so everything should be under control and I’ll try not to leave the city again for at least a few months.

Anyone else do something retarded the past few days?

(BTW, the iTunes playlist I made for the plane ride kicks mega ass.)

3 thoughts on “notes from the south”

  1. What I will miss is Publix…why o’ why is there not a Publix in California??!!! Oh, I will also miss no traffic on the highways…that rules! See, there are some quality things to Florida but nothing like the view I have right now outside my window, back in LA.

  2. You’re alive! I was wondering where you got off to. Good to see a post from you again, and Happy New Year! If you are looking to stay away from all those Bible Quotes and Bush supporting, right wing Yahoo’s, you are best to stay right there in L.A. Small town America is filled with those “God Bless America”, “I Pledge Allegence To the Flag”, and “Bible Thumping” types. At least in L.A. and most of California you are safe.

  3. wow, does this mean that you and caryn don’t want to come over and see our life size baby jesus scene that we made from chewing gum and recycled christmess trees??? it’s slated for a christmess 04 debut at the beverly center.
    i’m bummed

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