Good vs. evil

But really, couldn’t I just take a long shower with an active imagination?

Not having gone to the international house of hookers for quite some time, my penis says to me, “hey yo, why don’t you give yoko a visit. Good times man, good times”. And I don’t really have ethical problems here. A friend of mine once suggested that they might be held against their will, forced to be sex slaves. And i’m thinking…errr, maybe…but yoko lives in a pretty decent apartment in the mid-wilsure area, we eat all over the dam place and she drives a nice big black bmw. Her evil pimp must have a real liberal company policy. So she doesn’t really seem to be hating life. The thing is, the money I use for an hour of fun could be used toward a new jacket from abercrombie and fitch (back off man, they got nice heavy sweaters and jackets). Now they, I have an ethical problem with – them and their hiring and firing practices regarding minorites. Ugh what to do what to do.

That night, I had sex with angelina jolie while bathing myself. I guess everything worked out.