Movie Review: Paysuck

Ben Asslick is a big piece of crap. In his latest movie, “Peiceofcrap,” Ben is all “Oh no! My memory was erased! Was I an actor? Hmmm. Well, I’m really bad at acting and no one cares what I say or do so…maybe! Or was I an electrician? Ah yes! That was it! I worked for some dude and I gave myself a bag of crap to remind myself that I was an electrician and I scored this hot babe! How could I forget that? Wowzaaa!” Then he’s all in danger and Philip K. Dick is all “I probably wouldn’t have cast Ben Assuck for my movie unless he was playing some dude who got shot in the face, but you know, I’m dead so what can I do?” It did beat Peter Pan though, but not Steve Martin with sixty kids.

7 thoughts on “Movie Review: Paysuck”

  1. Apparently john woo did not learn his lesson with clod van dam. Perhaps he made made a deal with the devil and in order to make films in america, he must use bad actors in his film.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know the specifics of the plot,though I have seen the previews a million times. I keep thinking that if he could leave himself a bag of clues then why didn’t he just leave himself a note explaining it all.

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