Celebrity story…

Don’t get me wrong, I really did like my bath and body bubble bath soap- and why shouldn’t I, it was on the wish list my cousin requested. But not exactly sure why they included a bunch of anti-aging lotion. What are they trying to tell me. Am I looking old. Should I act my age. Was it on sale. What what what. I just like taking baths on occassion…and think of why its so dark in here (whats with the candles. Wuss) But I’ll give it a shot, its not like I ever swore off dating girls right out of high school. However, the best gift of the day – an autograph picture of jessica alba* thats says “bill, merry christmas” in big letters. And its authentic since my collector cousin got it. Jessica is on my list (number two behind angelina jolie).

*Jessica alba use to be a bitch signing stuff. And maybe it was because their was an attempted kidnapping on her when she did flipper long time ago. But maybe more because dark angel got cancelled. Too bad for her, awesome for meeee!

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